Quick Bots

We believe that for the SME sector, automation is a critical requirement for business excellence, improving customer experience, and ensuring competitive success in global markets. Our goal of making RPA accessible to all is reflected in our Quick BOTS, a subscription-based solution, that provides a scalable shared Automation services model designed to make RPA technology affordable and viable for the growing SME sector. It is tailored to eliminate the high upfront costs that businesses often face and to support them throughout their automation journey. This approach has proven particularly beneficial for small and medium-scale enterprises as it enables them to streamline their operations and reduce expenses. With our deep expertise in Intelligent automation, we bring innovation and digital transformation to the SME sector at affordable cost.    

We have a wide range of solutions on our Quick BOTS platform

Market Place Reconciliation

Reconciles order by order the businesses sales data with the Market Place aggregators data / reports (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) and verifies the charges levied by them against these orders.

Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Reconciles sales data with payment gateway settlement reports (PayU, Razorpay etc.)

ESI & EPF Reconciliation

Reconciles ESI & EPF contributions made for contracted staff to ensure statutory compliance by manpower outsourcing contractor(s).

GSTR2B Reconciliation

Validates and reconciles purchase register with GSTR2B statement to ensure correct / timely recognition of GST input credit.

TDS Receivables Reconciliation

Reconciles sales register with Form26AS statement to ensure correct / timely recognition of TDS credit.


Integrates with govt portal to generate IRN and QR code and creates invoices in organization’s custom formats

Document Generator

Generate documents based on pre-defined templates - Salary slips, Leave cards, Employee Letters, and Legal contracts are few use-cases.

Data Driven Mailer

Sends personalized emails to the pre-defined list of recipients with configurable mail templates. Mass communication to stakeholders like Employees, Vendors, Partners and Customers, are few use-cases.

Benefits of using Quick BOTS

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

By improving quality / compliance and by expediting processing time

Easy to Deploy

By leveraging our Quick BOTs platform and not investing in expensive infrastructure

Reduced Manual Effort

Drastically reduce the manual effort spent by business teams

Increased Accuracy

By elimination of manual errors


A subscription-based model that offers highly competitive pricing

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