Integrated Smart Virtual Agents

Go Beyond A Simple Chatbot

Today’s emerging technologies are changing the way customers interact and transact, that are forcing organizations to transform how they deliver their services and strive for superior experience. While Chatbots have been used by organizations, they are useful for handling a very limited number of tasks as they typically use rule-based programming to match user queries with potential answers.
The use of virtual agents is exploding as companies look to improve experiences – for both customer and employee - and increase efficiencies and cost savings through AI and automation.

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With artificial intelligence, Chatbots enhance their ability to understand human language and perform more complex tasks and transactions. Integrating these Chatbots with the organizations System of Records (eg: ERP, CRM) gives the ability to create seamless automated workflows which can be used for a wide variety of use cases across Customer Service, IT, HR, Finance, Sales and others.
BOT Mantras solution for Integrated Smart Virtual Agents creates custom solutions that integrates Chatbots with Generative AI Models like ChatGPT for accelerated intent recognition, handle complex and nuanced conversations in a human-like manner and RPA technology to seamlessly integrate with the organization’s applications using RPA BOTs to automate complex business workflows, and provide customers and employees personalized experience, 24/7.
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Some potential uses of the solution are


Reduce operational costs and create highly productive teams
24/7 Service, 365 days of the year
Improve customer experience, faster response times and improved customer satisfaction
Improved employee engagement – with employees able to focus on more complex tasks
Data-driven decision making and identify trends and opportunities with real time analytics
Enhanced accuracy and efficiency – zero manual errors

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